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(07 July 2020) version 1.0.8: This update fixes: A] Wrong transfer event about Secret Room #4. B] Nerfing of Ekino Catacombs Bosses and later ones. C] Addition of arrows for the books and chest inside the house on the Seacoast. D] Maybe problems about the random encounters in Crysalis maze were fixed. Please, update to this version to avoid any problems on any of your playthroughs.
(05 July 2020) version 1.0.7: This quick update fixes two errors. A] Secret Room #1 in Keithe Castle dungeons was not revisitable after recruiting Karul and, thus, a player who missed that secret room could not return to that place. Now, it’s fixed. B] Visual glitch would not move the “Mysterious Diary” quest to the completed section of the Quest Log. However, the game did count the quest as completed correctly! Now, it’s fixed and the quest normally moves to the completed section.
(04 July 2020) version 1.0.6: A] Botanist Guild and Miners’ Club Association doors now open and work properly. B] A wording mistake on the Botanist Guild was fixed.
(02 July 2020) version 1.0.5: A] Loper’s quest dialog was fixed with the correct directions for Filly Cave. B] Kalina’s dialog was fixed with better directions for Diego’s home. C] Last person in Wishing Quest, now, accepts the item they want, regardless of whether you defeated the last boss or not.
(29 June 2020) version 1.0.4: A] Fixed a Secret Invisible Potion issue, which would consume two of these potions for a level up instead of one. B] A small graphical issue in Gargonda Cave 1 was fixed
(18 June 2020) version 1.0.3: Fixed a wrong position of a gold tile in Quetzalcoatl Cave. Fixed a tile of Ekino Town on the overworld. Added hint about the switch in Gargonda Cave. Added more information about the Void Vines and the Purification Infusion in Dothe Town’s houses. Game Notes has been updated with information about all three energizing utility infusions, how they work and where and how to find them.
(15 June 2020) version 1.0.2: Added a file that is important for the game to run. Please, update to the newest version as soon as possible.
(14 June 2020) version 1.0.1: A] fixed a major issue with the game trying to load an audio file. Some pcs could not read the file name properly. B] a small tile shadow was missing from Filly Cavern outside.