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Concord Era: Volatile Energy

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This project is currently under development but I have enough systems programed and enough places designed to actually announce it and show some parts of it! After a bad for development (and for my family) year, during which I actually lost two games in development due to a hard drive failure, a new, big and fun game is at works! Concord Era: Volatile Energy is going to be an adventurous tale about Arcor, a young orphaned man, and his friends. Follow them while they try to unravel the mystery behind Energy, a primal source of magic, wonder and mystery! Overcome trials in dungeons, caves and ruins, and meet with various new people throughout the continent of Quphon (read cue-fon). This adventure will highly focus on exploration, questing and traveling with sprinkles of fights with many different types of monsters. I will update this topic with replies later on with new information and screenshots. If you want to learn more about this game and its development, check out my blog posts about it here: Blog posts about Concord Era: Volatile energy, where I try to post updates about the game.


Click on the thumbnails below to see the screnshots in full size. Preview thumbnails may be blurry/low-resolution.


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