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General Rules

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-> You are expected to be polite and kind to each other.
-> Avoid being political.
-> Do not induce hate for any reason.


-> Threatening, phishing and other illegal activities will lead your IP address to be saved and given to the respectable authorities, when and if asked. Your IP address is always visible to the administrators.
-> Verbal harassment and cyber bullying will not be tolerated.
-> Any shady links will be removed.

Accounts/Account Images

-> New members will not be able to post links and attach any files to their posts until they have already posted at least twice.
-> Account cloning/Impersonating others without their consent is strictly prohibited and will lead to an IP perma-ban.
-> You can upload whatever images you want to change your profile picture, as long as the images chosen do not promote hate, pornography, racism, drugs and illegal acts.
-> Be careful with copyrighted images (although I don’t think this is an issue) and do not copy other people’s account images and cover images, unless given permission.

You are kindly asked to always be careful with your personal information, such as names, e-mails and other. Do not share your account information with anyone!

If anything happens or you need help with anything, contact us through the contact page.

Posted : 12/02/2022 12:28 pm