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I will be updating this thread with the latest versions of the game, so that you can be certain that you have the latest release!
27 July 2021, version 1.0.4: some typos were corrected, hints about super secret rooms are now more apparent and abundant although the hints for two super secret rooms where deducted from the game to promote exploration. Monsters in the last stage were buffed, last boss was buffed, Kindynos Room E name used to appear twice – now it’s fixed. Some errors in the guide were corrected. Gold asked by The Merchant for the last Aetherovamon Mail was reduced. Some apparel’s stats were modified to promote a more “fair” adventure. Desdemona’s book image was fixed.
29 March 2021, version 1.0.3: fixed the Goat Herders questline, where the mayor would not acknowledge you defeating the boss.
23 March 2021, version 1.0.2: added a potentially missing, rogue audio file. Added Keyboard Control Cofniguration option.
21 March 2021, version 1.0.1: removed code snippet that would take screenshots with a Space button press. Logo image at the start of the game appears for less time. This version of the game is only recommended to those who play with the keyboard.
20 March 2021, version 1.0.0: the first released version of the game